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It is so hard to find good leggings that are not sheer, thats why everyone loves the Lulu Lemon leggings. But we cant always pay 100$ for multiple pairs of leggings, so heres a list of other leggings that I like that are similar.

9.Nordstrom $26.50 These leggings are absolutely my favorite, especially when i am having a “fat day” and they are SUCH a bargain at 50 $ opposed to 100.

8. Splendid 55$ I cant even begin to tell you how comfortable these leggings are, the inside is the softest cotton. The actual color of the leggings are so dark black which makes them perfect “fashion” leggings. The only downfall of these leggings are that they are slightly sheer, but really slightly sheer.

7. Victoria Secret 20$ They feel just like the lulus just not as soft, they have that “athletic legging” feel. When you first put them on they are tight but then form to your body perfectly. If i were you i would stock up on these.

6.American Apparel 38$ personally I have never tried these because i am not the biggest fan of american apparel, but one of my friends SWEARS by these. she has had the same pair of american apparel winter leggings for 4 years and they are still in mint condition.

5. Forever 21 15$  THESE LEGGINGS ARE PERFECTION. well as a disclaimer they run incredibly small so i would go at least one size up. But they perfectly tuck in that tummy, have a little foot strap so you dont get the awkward bunch up. anyway they are great and you should buy them

4. Old Navy 30$  they are a similar idea to the lulu lemon, just a lot cheaper. Feel similar too.

3. Hue  there isnt one specific legging i would chose but all of the ones ive had have never failed me. They are meant to be fashion leggings instead of athletic leggings which is similar to the splendid leggings. They have really nice jeggings also.

2. Costco YEP. Costco leggings are super affordable and literally feel just like lulu lemon leggings. Not good for online shoppers but i would go to your local costco and stock up.

1.Gap leggings 60$.  These are my ultimate go to leggings. Every time i wear them people always say “are those lulus” i go “NOPE GAP!”. Even though 60$ is pretty pricey they last for ages and the material is so slimming.


  1. I love my Lululemon yoga pants. Another relatively inexpensive brand, good quality brand I have found is Joe Fresh. They are comfy, stylish and not see through. I have found that some inexpensive yoga pants are..well…cheap. So it is nice to see that someone has taken the time to experiment and share the results of the experimentation. Thank you ☺♥

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