Style Links


10. TOBI.COM has sprung in popularity the past year. Tobi is a members only website that offers tons of options. Everyday they get clothing in stock and often there are 40% site wide sales. Sometimes the quality of the clothing is cheap, but you get what you paid for.

9. Forever21.Com  The notoriously famous Forever 21. If you have a couple hours to kill have fun in their sweater section. Some of the sweaters i’ve worn the most this year have been from here! Its good if you have a low budget and lots of time!

8. Amazon.Com YEP. I just said it, Amazon. Surprisingly Amazon has a lot of options of sweaters. If you need a batwing ombre sweater? amazon has it CHEAP. It’s good if you have a low budget and want it fast.

7.  You always see those edgy sweatshirts with cool prints of different types of mushroom clouds, floral prints, food and pictures close up and you never know where to find them. well here it is. Romwe is a diverse grunge inspired website where you can find incredible quality stuff for a decent price.

6. Urbanog reminds me of a nicer version of Forever 21, Similar items but with a better quality. The sweaters are unique and arrive quickly. If you want to buy a lot of items then you should start using Urbanog!

5. you know a website is good when there is 14 pages of sweaters and free shipping over 35$. The most compliments i’ve ever received on a sweater is my blue off the shoulder sugar skull sweater, and where is it from Boohoo started as a UK and Australia/New Zealand only website and now its finally here in the US. yippy!! This website is absolutely my secret weapon in life. If you want a sweater/sweatshirt that guaranteed NOBODY else will have, use this website. They have “designer” inspired sweatshirts for a ridiculously low price. This website basically has everything you will ever need for dirt cheap. Have Fun kiddles.

3. This website is a tumblr kids dream. It is inspired by street style and also has tons of “edgy” interesting sweaters. If the website wasn’t so affordable the Jenner girls would be drooling over this.

2. Another one of my secret weapons, she inside. She Inside has the most sweater options of any website i’ve seen so far. You could scroll for literally hours and they have sweaters in every style in every color you could imagine. The only downside to the website is how long it takes for things to arrive, three weeks. But trust me, its well worth the wait.

1. Self explanatory.

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