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Moschino: I’m loving it

And that is absolutely how I feel about this collection. Moschinos over the top style is back! Thank god for fashion designer Jeremy Scott for taking over! We haven’t seen bold pieces from Moschino since Franco Moschino was the designer. The new “Capsule Collection” resembles Mcdonalds colors and is inspired by junk food logos. ImageImageImage

I am so eager for the rest of the line to drop on the Moschino website, so far only a few pieces are available to purchase and you have to be invited to purchase them on the website. Lucky enough I got an invite, and sure enough I went “ham” and purchased myself a new belt and phonecase!


Despite the negative reviews of some people online, I think that this collection is a win and it is going to take everything in me not to spend all my college savings on Moschino! Those whose taste this does not suit should at least commend Scott for providing us with those bold pieces that we used to know and love from Moschino. Moschino always pushed the envelope and helped further the world of fashion and now we see that envelope being pushed once again. Way to go Jeremy Scott!

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