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Dr.Marten Dupes




Dr.Martens have been super trendy the last year due to the more ‘Edgy’ style being popular, but not everybody wants to pay/ can afford 120$ boots. Here are some similar looking Dr.Marten shoes but for a lot less.





Image1. Rue21 12$  similar to Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. I question the quality of the shoes, but hey only twelve dollars. You save 108$


Image2. Amazon 25$ Amazon is awesome when it comes to dupes of clothing. There are 24 different colors you can chose from and you save 95$

Image3. Forever 21 36$ the shoe isn’t an entire knock off of Docs but they are pretty similar in style. I have never bought shoes from Forever 21 but from what I hear they are better quality then most of their clothes. You save 84$

Image4. DSW 45$ DSW is an awesome inexpensive place for shoes. I am sure that that these shoes are great quality and look just like Docs. You save 75$

Image5. Kohls 50$ Kohls is secretly a place that I love to shop at. They have tons of options and is actually great quality. The shoe section is really fun to look at because tons of name brand designers have off brands at Kohls. You save 70$

Image6. Hot Topic 62$ As taboo as it is, Hot Topic has a large selection of Doc “look-a-likes” for almost half the price. You save 58$


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