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5 Dos and Dont’s of Festival Fashion



Girls-in-headdresses Headdresses promote stereotyping of Native American cultures. Wearing a headdress is essentially the same as wearing blackface.

2. Flower Crowns coachella-headbands-29Mar2013010313613000 It was in two years ago then last year people were still doing it and it became really overplayed.

3. Flip Flops flip-flops-festival If you dont mind getting your feat crushed, losing them, or getting them stuck in mud. Go ahead and wear them.

4. Wearing undergarments as outer-garments images Self Explanatory

5. Underbutt images-2 I dont know who decided this was a thing but each year festival shorts are getting shorter and shorter and the butt cheeks are getting more and more prevalent


1. Floppy Hats Unknown Floppy hats or any hats for that matter are a great way to cover up from the sun while staying stylish.

2. Scarves as headbands Scarvesheadband-nicolerichie2 Nicole Richie sports the boho chic headband scarf. It is a great replacement for the flower headband.

3. Fanny Packs leopard-bum-bag-belt-bag-fanny-pack-model-street-style There are so many fashionable options for fanny packs these days. I think everyone for a festival should invest in a fun fanny pack.

4. Maxi Dresses image4 Maxi dresses and skirts look so good on nearly everyone and makes everyone feel like a goddess.

5.Rompers images-1 Just so underrated! Replace jean high waisted shorts with rompers.

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