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Day In Style: Urban Outfitters Interview




My dream has always been to work in retail- or do something that involves fashion/style, and the other day i had the incredible opportunity to interview for Urban Outfitters. I’ve always wanted to work for UO since i was a wee little fashionista- but i never thought that I would ever have the chance to work there. Little did i know last weekend when i was shopping there, that a week later i would be called in for an interview! They told me to dress casual, so i had to pick my outfit very specifically. I wanted my outfit to be authentic..something i actually wear. If you know me then you know that i either look like i am 1. Beatle Juice, or 2.I look like I’m going to a funeral. I wanted to wear something that was appropriate to move around to work in, and that was chic. I paired a striped t shirt dress, a flannel around my waist, with a denim jacket. I wore my hair in a half top knot (Which is my favorite hairstyle right now), and i wore my everyday glasses. Lastly, i wore my favorite shoes ever- my Chanel loafers.

T-Shirt Dress: Similar Here

Flannel: Similar Here

Denim Jacket: Similar Here

Chanel Loafers: Similar Here

Glasses: Similar Here 

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