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The Under $50 Boyfriend Holiday Gift Guide

Boyfriend gift guide

For some reason shopping for men is the most difficult thing. You wish that you could just get them a Sephora makeup gift set and call it a day, if only. Well I gathered together ten must have things for your man that are all under 50 dollars!

  1. Physis Apparel Crewneck $45 My number one must have thing for this holiday season is the Physis Apparel Lotus Crewneck. If your guy likes anything that has to do with streetwear, he needs this. It is perfect for the winter weather, and he will be on top of the trend.
  2. The Art of Shaving Starter Pack $22.55 This is such a steal! The Art of Shaving is notoriously expensive, and famous for its class. This is a perfect way to make your man feel like a million bucks, without spending a million bucks.
  3. Banana Republic Travel Kit $49.50 Okay, i am obsessed with this travel kit. It is perfect for the guy that is always on the go. He can store all of his toiletries in this amazing bag. Banana Republic also always has sales going on, so you can pretty much get this for less than the retail price.
  4. Polo Black Ralph Lauren Cologne $48.99 This is my favorite cologne for men. The retail price is around 80 bucks, but if you shop on Amazon you can get it for him for almost half of the price. It will make him think that you are spending a lot for him, but in reality you aren’t!
  5. Drake Baseball Cap $29.50 This item is one of a kind. If your boyfriend is into drake at all, this hat is  a simple way of showing that- without being too flashy.
  6. Concert Tickets! Just do it guys… it’s such an easy gift to give your guy, that you can also enjoy!
  7. Turtle Beach Gaming Headset $44.99 If your guy is into gaming at all, this is a gift he will honestly appreciate. The regular price is 80 bucks, but you can get them on sale for almost half the price.
  8. Harry Potter Blanket $44.99 This gift is perfect for cuddling up on chilly winter nights. Perfect for you and him! Blankets are a perfect gift that guys usually don’t get for themselves.
  9. Camera Poster $8.99 Great gift for the guy who loves art, and cameras who also doesn’t have a lot of decoration in his room. That is another gift that guys usually don’t like to get for themselves.
  10. Wooden Sunglasses $27 These are one of a kind sunglasses made out of wood. Guys will actually use these too. They are one of a kind, and something a guy wouldn’t think to get himself


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