Aokay Style_ TickPick

Hey all! Today things are going to be a little different; Besides my love for fashion, my first love has to be music. I recently collaborated with TickPick.comon my dream festival lineup.TickPick offers cheap tickets to concerts, NFL games and more with out any hidden fees! It is a great site to use if you’re trying to make your dreams of seeing a certain concert/sports event a reality! I know that my dream lineup is a conglomeration of the most random music- but that happens to be my music taste! The first band I would love to see at “Fauxchella” would definitely be Kaleo they are an indie band from Iceland. Next would most definitely be Lord Huron. I have been a fan of Lord Huron for about three years now- they have a special place in my heart because my sister Genevieve showed them to me. The next band is very near and dear to me, The Walters. I stumbled upon The Walters completely by accident; One night my friends and i decided to go to a random show at an apartment here in Chicago, and it just so happened that The Walters were headlining. After that show i instantly became obsessed with them. Speaking of obsession, that is exactly how i feel about the band Modern Baseball– hence why they are added on the list. the next bands two are Father John Misty, and Boy And Bear. Both of the bands are some of my long term favorites- what i love about Father John Misty is that he used to be the drummer of my all time favorite band Fleet Foxes hence why i would make them one of the main headliners. Fall Out Boy has always been an open guilty pleasure of mine- a fun little fact about my love for FOB is that i have seen them thirty times in concert. One would think that thirty is enough, but I could see them every single day for a year and be content. Last but not least is Drake. At the moment Drake is my favorite rapper- I would pretty much do anything to see him live- so i thought to myself why not put him in my dream festival lineup.



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