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Feature in New City Chicago

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How would you describe your outfit? What do you love most about it?
Anabel: My outfit was partially inspired by “American Horror Story: Coven,” crossbred with everything Jeremy Scott has to offer. My favorite line ever created was the Fall 2014 Moschino line. My belt is what I love the most—I have gotten so much use out of it. Surprisingly, red and yellow go with tons of things. It was really difficult finding an outfit for Pitchfork because I’m generally not a huge fan of summer clothing, but I’m trying to train myself to like it more.
Genevieve: I think my outfit is very toddler chic. I’m hopelessly stuck in the nineties—they were the best three years of my life. I love my Tommy Pickles bag that I made. I have a massive assortment of Rugrats memorabilia around my house, so I took a Tommy puppet and converted it into a purse.

I always run into you at Pitchfork bringing your A-game—you seem to have a dreamy closet. Could you tell me more about your garment and accessory collection?
Anabel: My closet is mostly composed of black and white, mixed with colorful accessories. I am not exclusive when it comes to the stores that I shop at, but when it comes to my accessories I like to keep things high-end. My logic is you can gain and lose weight all you want, but your accessories will always be there for you! My favorite accessories in my closet right now have to be my classic black-and-white Alexander McQueen skull scarf, my vintage Chanel loafers, my Hermès watch and my Moschino belt.
Genevieve: Mine is a mix of Sandro, Theory, Opening Ceremony, Carven, Ostwald Helgason, and my mom’s vintage Moschino and Todd Oldham. I wear a lot of vintage clothes from the eighties and nineties. Whenever I’m curating my closet, I always go for the statement piece. My favorite items right now are tailored white blouses with fun embellishments, men’s inspired trousers and wingtips, and pearls.

What does fashion mean to you?
Anabel: For me, fashion is a way to express myself. When I was younger, probably around middle school, I wasn’t too confident in myself. Then my mom introduced fashion to me and my sister, and we discovered all its potential. Fashion is an art form. For some people it may seem pretentious, but I completely disagree. With fashion, people will never forget you.
Genevieve: I think fashion is the ultimate form of self expression! With fashion, I never try to put myself into a niche. Every time I pick an outfit, I look at it as a way to reinvent myself.

What inspires your style?
Anabel: I’m living downtown now, and I get a huge inspiration from just people-watching. I’m really big on originality, and people’s personal style. Riding the El to and from class, you get your own personal fashion show.
Genevieve: My biggest style icon is my mom. Her style is always spot-on! I aspire to be as stylish as her. As far as celebrities, I particularly like Tavi Gevinson’s style.

—Interview and photograph by Isa Giallorenzo”


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